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Digital Media has changed how political campaigns are won. From the smallest local races to the huge national contests, digital marketing is the difference-maker. Don’t get left behind.

Visual Breakthroughs is run by Michael Humphrey, a veteran campaign manager, video marketer, and elected official. Explore our services below and call us so we can help you raise your odds of winning your next election.











Graphic Design





“Mike Humphrey at Visual Breakthroughs is an absolute gem to work with. He is creative, fast, and is always on point with what he produces.”

Dorothy Dawood
Executive Director, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee

“Mike was a great partner in my most recent Mayoral campaign, and in our last three Council contests. He has a keen sense of how to craft a message that resonates. I am very impressed by his comprehensive skills creating effective videos, social media ads, promotional materials, and everything else that we needed. He is the first person that you want in your corner.”

Janice Kovach
Mayor, Town of Clinton, NJ
President, NJ League of Municipalities

“Mike provided my campaign with professionalism along with the astute ability to interpret my message and assist me with communicating my campaign message with a series of short video commercials. Without a doubt, Visual Breakthroughs brought me across the finish line with a win!”. 

Natalie Ferry
Councilwoman for the Borough of High Bridge, NJ

“Michael produced a series of short videos for the Raritan Township Committee campaign. He solicited ideas from me and my running mate, and designed short video segments that showcased our values and our public positions. Michael provided coaching and the video production work for several short spots that have become popular on social media.”

Kent Davis
Candidate, Raritan Township, NJ

“At a time when we needed them most, Mike rapidly produced videos for us that created a ton of engagment and attention right beofre the election. He was a joy to work with.”

Marisa Trofimov
Candidate, NJ State Assembly

“Mike Humphrey did an incredible job helping us design our message, filming, post-production and implementing strategies. Michael helped us create videos and develop a strategy that took us from a few hundred views on social media to tens of thousands. He is the first person I recommend if you want to take your ideas and turn them into reality.”

Chris Fields
Campaign Manager in Hunterdon County, NJ


Videos Are a Difference Maker for Campaigns

Digital media has made videos a mainstay in campaign marketing and government communications. From calls for fundraising, to profiles in leadership, to highlighting issues, videos have become the most popular way for candidates and government leaders to communicate.

The team at Visual Breakthroughs has the expertise and experience you need to create impressive and affordable videos…videos that make you STAND OUT. 

“There are so many major moments that lead up to Election Day: debates, caucuses, primaries. But the moments that matter most won’t make major headlines. They’ll happen quietly and quickly in micro-moments, when undecided voters become decided voters, often by going online…to their mobile device to learn about a candidate, event, or issue.

Today’s voters want a quick way to catch up on the latest elections buzz and they’ve found it in online video.”

Kate Stanford

Managing Director, YouTube Ads Marketing, Google

Video Examples

Candidate Recruitment for Hunterdon County

HCDC wanted a powerful video to share the opportunity to run for office and serve the community. that message is epitomized by the powerful words of our former President.

Including the time it took to animated the closing logo sequence, this video took less than one day to produce.

Lambertville Campaign

In this hotly contested primary contest, we worked with our clients to capture their love for the city, especially its beautiful neighborhoods and rich history.  The video has been re-edited as a promotional video for the city.

We filmed all of the segments for this video on the same day we shot footage for three additional videos, all of which were completed within two days.

COVID-19 Public Service Announcement – Hunterdon County Law Enforcement

This video was produced a month into the Pandemic Health Emergency, with a focus of assuring county residents that their police departments, county sheriff’s and prosecutor’s offices were unified and standing strong.

We filmed 15 law enforcement officials in multiple locations in a two day period, and this video was posted throughout the county three days later.

Clinton Town Campaign

In another hotly contested campaign, we produced this brief video ad show the love these two incumbent leaders have for their town.

We filmed multiple segments in one two hour stretch, which were used for six separate video throughout the campaign.

Elders of Clinton

The Town of Clinton launched a community wide committee focused on the needs of active seniors. This video was a great success on social media, yet because this was promoted just days before the beginning of the COVID-19 health emergency, we had to postpone that launch of this effort.

This video was produced in less than a day.

Hunterdon County Freeholder Campaign

Now called Commissioners, this Freeholder campaign was about infusing new ideas, so this was one in a series of videos to raise the awareness of county voters.

At this two hour shoot we filmed a total of seven videos, all turned around within two days.

“We Believe In Hunterdon County” Video for HCDC

This video is focused on creating a good feeling about living in Hunterdon County and how much residents share common beliefs. You can tell by the footage that this reflected the pre-COVID Hunterdon County, but it was created so that it can be shared following the pandemic.



Digital Marketing


Social media and digital communications should always…ALWAYS…be about building meaningful connections. We believe that campaigns are won on P2P — Person to Person — and the trust that is built from engaging with each person.

Our goal is to demystify (and de-geek) digital marketing and put the power back in your hands. We will help you select which marketing tools you should use, which you should ignore, and help you build an effective content strategy which is custom built for you to manage.

Here are the main tools we focus on (although we recommend social media sites like Twitter, Nextdoor and TikTok as well):


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