We Believe in Hunterdon County: HCDC

This video is focused on creating a good feeling about living in Hunterdon County and how much residents share common beliefs.

Keynote Speaker Promo Video

We wanted to create a sense of excitement right from the start. When highlighting a thought-provoking speaker like Jamie Mustard, you need to provide enough footage for the idea to bloom in the minds of the viewer.


Campaign Video for the City of Lambertville

Lambertville has so much history tucked away in nooks and crannies all around the city. This video was created to showcase the charming, historic, hometown feel.


Promo for Nextup Speaker Management

Some of the most exciting business keynote speakers are managed by Nextup Speakers. This video was created with a quickened pace and a sleek business look that heightens the dynamic nature of the highlighted speakers.

Shop Clinton Video Series

Working with the the Economic Development Council, we created a series of videos highlighting more than a dozen local businesses to help them during the initial COVID-19 reopening period.

Preview Video for Keynote Speaker

We have worked with hundreds of speakers on creating videos to promote their amazing talents. We take a minimalist approach, creating highlights show depth of content while creating an exciting feel for the performance. And it makes it easy working with great speakers such as Nancy Giordano.

Public Service Announcement During COVID-19

When COVID-19 first surged into our communities, we created a video PSA with the top law enforcement officials in the county to bring a sense of security and order during the crisis. 

Book Promotion by Keynote Speaker

Videos have the power to animate ideas and make them more memorable. The brilliant thought-leader and speaker, Jaime Mustard, made this great to work on.

Campaign Video for Local Election

Local elections are most often about people who live in your community, people that are your friends and neighbors. This video was created to bring that hometown feel to social media.

We shot this in slow motion with a gimbal (a steady-cam) to bring a sense of calm to the video.

PSA for Seniors 

The Town of Clinton is working to grow the involvement of it’s active seniors  This video was designed to create a “cool” factor and share a sense of fun and optimism.

Campaign Video Featuring Historic Landmark

We learned about the candidate’s passion for local history and giving residents another reason to vote for her. 

Solitude House is such an amazing property. We were able to shoot several dramatic scenes, including my favorite along the stone wall in the back of the house.

Visual Breakthroughs Introduction

This video reflects the personal touch and joy Video Breakthroughs’ Mike Humphrey.

We lit the face with white light and used a blue tint for the background to create contrast. All told this video took a few hours to create.